Terms Of Service For Authors

  1. You should be the sole author and/or owner of the article. In other words, it is prohibited to rip off the articles written and/or owned by someone else and try to submit them to Violinsites.com.
  2. The articles should be unique, informative and never published before. Duplicated articles will not be approved.
  3. The articles will be published for free and the authors/owners of the articles will not receive any compensation from Violinsites.com for submitting their articles to the database.
  4. Every article should be written in a clear and proper English and have correct grammar and punctuation. Otherwise the article will not be approved.
  5. We approve only specific articles about the violins and everything connected with this instrument. All the articles that will be submitted as Uncategorized will be removed from the database.
  6. Every article should have only one link. If the article has more than one link it will be automatically classified as spam and deleted.
  7. Violinsites.com has the right for editing and removing the articles from our database.
  8. By submitting your article you give Violinsites.com unconditional permission for reprinting it, as well as for distributing it through our RSS feed.
  9. Violinsites.com has the right to publish ads on the same pages as your articles.
  10. If you do not agree with these terms, do not submit your articles.

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