Suzuki Violin in the 21st Century

The Suzuki method first came to the the United States in the late 1960s, and its official organization, the Suzuki Association of the Americas, was formed in 1972. As it existed in its early years, its proponents believed that all children could learn to play the violin if started at an early age, and that the learning process occurs through two primary mechanisms. The first is imitation, primarily imitation of the teacher. The second is group learning, consisting of group lessons and group performances. The suzuki books were put together for two primary reasons. First, to offer a structured program of pieces of increasing difficulty to use with each student over many years of their development; and second, to facilitate group learning by keeping everybody “on the same page” and able to play the same pieces together.

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Niccolo Paganini, The Devil’s Son (Part 2)

In those times, poor health and a certain lack of money did not allow Paganini to perform abroad very frequently. Besides, one day he was ironically caught with a twenty-year-old lady, Angelina Cavanna, and received accusations in “abduction and seduction of a minor“. Soon after that, a doctor discovered another serious illness of Paganini, which resulted in a two-year-long depression, hopelessness and apathy of the maestro. But still he continued composing and working on his famous 24 caprices (completed in 1817), as well as on his new sonatas and concertos.

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Niccolo Paganini, The Devil’s Son

“… I am not handsome,

but when women hear me play,

they come crawling to my feet..”

Niccolo Paganini

Niccolo (Nicolas) Paganini was a famous Italian violinist and composer of the 19th century. He was one of the most admirable virtuosi of his times, and still he remains among the most influential musicians ever, with absolute musical abilities and talent in composition. Besides, he is considered to be a revolutionist in the art of playing violin due to his innovative approaches to performing, unique uses of harmony and such techniques, as staccato and pizzicato.

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ViolinViolin… I guess, it is hard to find more mystic, more beautiful musical instrument, which has a unique tone, so close to the tone of human voice. The sound of violin mesmerizes, goes deep into your soul and touches the deepest of your heart, evokes the sweetest feelings and the highest emotions. It can inspire us or break us down. It can make us laugh or cry. But someone can hardly be left untouched by the sound of this divine instrument.

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